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    Barber DTS

    hi you can order from killer ink they have a lot of good stuff and no prob
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    Hi all i have been learning to tattoo for the past few years am from liverpool and this looks a good site gary:icon_wink:
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    Tattoo Training Course

    ther is a training course in liverpool 1 day but i know a few that have been on it. and i have been told its very good. will get some in info on it and piercing
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    Stealth LITE Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun

    one of my co worker has one nice machine. ther is a machine called rotary works great machine local guy makes them if you have a chance to try this and the price is good.
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    Insurance 4 tattooing

    mate the way to get round it is consent wavers if someone comes in the shop for a tattoo they have to sign a form to say they are over 18 and then a lot of medical stuff on the form. and thats how the shop gets round paying big insurrance.
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    Practice skin or pig skin?

    i think pig skin is better than fake what i used to do with the fake you know that buble rap stuff i used to put that under the skin give it a better feel.but in the end work on your legs ther is nothink like the real thing. you can evan blood line to start with thats the best way to learn.
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    Overloading Needle with Ink? Messy!! Advice Please....

    an just go easy with the ink
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    Machines on Planes

    yes mate i have been on a plane with machines and power sup i had no problems that was 2 years ago.
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    First Tat on Another Person

    good thing to have with you is a skin marker just in case you get the stencil messed up thats what happend to me first time.
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    Skins ?

    mate nothink like the real thing. what i do is work on my legs bbest thing to do. you can evan blood line the legs best way to learn.
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    Gear Gone

    go for a hawk mate i have just got one fantastic machine.
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    Gear Gone

    well said mate same hear rotary is all i use now i have a rotary works and a hawk great machines
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    My First Canvas

    nice work mate
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    The Dreaded Hand Shakes

    then again you could drop a few valls
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    New to Tattooing...need Some Assistance :)

    yes stay a way from them machines
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    New to Tattooing...need Some Assistance :)

    go for a rotary mate. ther is a machine called rotary works great machine if you want any info let me know
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    Killerink Tattoo Trainig?

    hi i have got a lot of eqipment from them, but tattoo traing dont know what that will be like.The guys that run the shop are ok
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    Here's Some of My Drawings

    great work RACHEL:icon_smile:
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    Art Books / Websites?

    a good book drawing on the right side of the brain
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    Hi All

    hi all am new here just thought i would say hello looks a good site