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Search results

  1. tattytone

    Yeah, Another Skull and Rose

    i really like skulls, so good job m8
  2. tattytone

    Prison Style Tattooing.

    Thats cool, better than how my 1st ones were done.
  3. tattytone

    Foot Tattoo

    Anyone done the top of the feet near to toe`s ? i did dogs paw prints on each foot, but the ink fadded fast, what the best way to ink this part of the feet, or do they always fade fast,? what is the best ink for this kind of tat. i used kuro sumi outline ink
  4. tattytone


    Bepanthan is the best thing ive used, and as others have said, heals fast and good for the skin, but its each to there own, and what ever works best for you.
  5. tattytone

    Enough Flash To Make Your Eyes Melt.

    thanks for posting it, can never have to much lol there may be that flash you been looking for, we thats my way of thinking :icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen:
  6. tattytone

    Question About Instant Welts Forming and Trouble Taking Ink

    I had this on my leg, didnt have it before, but i am on new medication so i think it must be that, as i also burnt in the sun and ive never had that happen untill the new meds
  7. tattytone

    Who's Your Favorite?

    Tim Henderson
  8. tattytone

    Hildbrandt Machines Now in Stock

    Placed my order yesterday And it come this morning, the wife took in in a wraped it up and put it on the tree nooooooooooooooooool lol Cheers Steve for fast service and forum rates. Tone
  9. tattytone

    Hildbrandt Machines Now in Stock

    mines been ordered at the bargin price offered and getting posted today, looking forward to trying one of these. cheers steve for the forum price to us.
  10. tattytone


    Glad to see your home for the holidays mike, and i bet you was please to get a tattoo machine in ur hand again. looking forward to seeing some more or your work
  11. tattytone

    The Merry Christmas Thread

    Merry christmas/Happy holidays to all. have a good one, thinking of the troops in the fields over the holiday.
  12. tattytone

    Which country are we all from?

    Eeesex (uk)
  13. tattytone

    Hildbrandt Machines Now in Stock

    Nice one Steve just sent ya message
  14. tattytone

    Free Hand

    Nice work, I bet he wished he had a smaller tat lol
  15. tattytone

    Rogues Gallery.

    Wow debz ur a stunner, the rest ive seen on crime watch lol
  16. tattytone

    Anyone Good with Photoshop?????

    Photoshop is good,i use cs5 and it is really good for my studio work i do on models, has losds of other features to, did u notice i removed ur tattoos and replaced them with a croc tat lol
  17. tattytone

    Anyone Good with Photoshop?????

    spider croc lol
  18. tattytone

    Anyone Good with Photoshop?????

    or this one
  19. tattytone

    Anyone Good with Photoshop?????

    That croc pic dont look so great wen i shrink it down
  20. tattytone

    Anyone Good with Photoshop?????

    Will give it a go later and post it up