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  1. skinpix

    Mixed Needles and Grips/tips

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/shorehamsred-co-uk/m.html?item=390333483622&pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Tattoos_BodyArt_SM&hash=item5ae1b04a66&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 this guy is good,i get my needles from him,& i work in a studio,here is the web ad. hope this helps. http://shorehamsred.co.uk/
  2. skinpix

    Can Someone Please Help Me :)

    before getting anywhere near skin,pig or otherwise,you should be learning how to set up and tune the machines........become a member and read the manual....then read it again,and again.....strip the machines down,and rebuild them,get to know them.....its not a case of just setting the gap,or how...
  3. skinpix

    New Studio

    hi martin,wish i was closer mate,i am working in a studio at the moment,but looking to relocate,due to there not being a great deal of passing trade...shame...well good luck with new venture mate,hope you find some good artists....oh,instead of, charging the artists rent for a station,you could...
  4. skinpix

    Uk Tattoo Magazine Recomendations.

    try this for size mate....Total Tattoo Magazine
  5. skinpix

    A Quick Hello

    Welcome Emily.
  6. skinpix

    Got Myself a Mobile Studio

    never heard of it mate...where is it near !!
  7. skinpix

    Got Myself a Mobile Studio

    where are you,would love to see it mate.
  8. skinpix

    Got Myself a Mobile Studio

    I'm about 30 miles away from you........very tempting.
  9. skinpix

    Different Springs

    with a cutback liner set up,the contact screw is at the 12oclock position.
  10. skinpix

    Different Springs

    The contact screw should be at the 12oclock position.....here is where to get good springs.....http://shorehamsred.co.uk/page29.html
  11. skinpix

    Different Springs

    Hi Shaun,you need a short front spring for a liner mate...18 gauge rear spring & 20 gauge front....hope this helps.
  12. skinpix

    Chinese Writing.

    Yep,get the client to bring in the pic of what they want,you are then not responsible for any mistakes.....
  13. skinpix

    'bout Freaking Time.................

    Why would you want to tell me to fuck off for..it aint me being offensive... the word "retard" is very offensive over here in the uk,so get off your high horse !!!
  14. skinpix

    'bout Freaking Time.................

    Fuckin hilarious, you find it sooooo funny that someone has something wrong with them mentally....i have a 4 year old son,that has Autism,so i find this VERY OFFENSIVE.......
  15. skinpix

    Cleaning the Tattoo Machine.

    As a studio based tattooist,i would not get WD40 anywhere near a machine,to treat an iron frame so as not to rust,(if you want it to look raw)is to have it oil dipped,or blued....using WD40 on a machine is a recipe for disaster......
  16. skinpix

    Small Chinese Letter - Forearm

    If you want some good advice,stay away from human skin,until you have had a few months practice on fake,or pig skin....too many people on here trying to run,before they can walk.....they do a few practice pieces,then think they are a tattoo artist.....slow down...would you want that on your arm...
  17. skinpix

    Did for Friend

    Be careful tattooing over scar tissue,it can tare very easily,and also the scar tissue should be 12 - 18 months old at least,before it is tattooed over.
  18. skinpix

    Dettol Help

    Try hydrogen peroxide mate.
  19. skinpix

    Piggy or Practise Skin???

    Hi Samantha,pig skin will give you a more realistic feel to what it is like to tattoo real skin,yes it will tear up ,like the real thing,if you over work it...as for showing blowouts,im not sure,but try it... deliberately go in too deep and see...this is all about learning,so try different...
  20. skinpix

    Best Black Ink for Tribal

    There are no hard and fast rules to how a machine is set up or tuned,its down to personal preference.....what works for one,wont necessarily work for someone else...so who says you cant put a short front spring on a packer !!!! a short front spring makes the "hit" a bit harder,and the "gap" sets...