1. Entity

    Shading and colouring

    First of all, hi! I’m new at the site but I’ve been doodling and practicing tattooing for about 2 and a half years now. So by the book I started out with drawing (a lot) then purchased a cheap machine and gave a lot of fruits hell. Can highly recommend banana, quite similar to human skin. So...
  2. MAG20

    Help on my first tattoo!

    Hi, I've been learning for the past months and practicing on fruit and fake skin, today I ventured on my first ever real skin tattoo on my husband (forearm). And nerves aside, I was feeling pretty confident... until the first wipe. I had done several lines and none were taking in the ink. I'm...
  3. adimaru

    Beginner Mandala attempt + questions

    Hi all, i tried a mandala yesterday as excercise for my 4th time using a tattoo machine ever. i made it on some "cheap" skin. And i was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on the process (lines, depth, hand steadyness) Throughout the tattoo i changed from & a 9RL to a 3RL because...
  4. Basha Blacke

    Aztec - fake skin practice progress

    Hi all, My recent work, practicing contours: INK: black and dark greywash NEDDLES: 12.03.RL - contour 12.05.RM - black & shades filling What kind of needle would you use for filling black colour, and greywash expecially for tight small areas? I also have 12.17.CM but I think is too huge.Already...
  5. Tattoonz

    I let a friend do his first tattoo on me!

    What do y'all think? After a half dozen fake skins and 2 pig shoulders , it was time to touch skin.
  6. wtfnatsalene

    Need advice!

    Hi! Ive been wanting to start tattooing for a couple years now and bought a rotary machine and have been practicing on some fake skin and fruit! I tried giving myself tattoos (Don't think they're good but just wanted to see what it would feel like on real skin and no regrets cause I will get...
  7. Rinkashi

    Feedback and tips!

    Hi everyone! Im posting a new tattoo i recently did, just the linning, but im having thia little problem, where sometimes the needle penetrates the skin but ink wont get in, also, sometimes the lines are bold and sometimes they are kinda weak, and finally theres parts where it was really hard to...
  8. Katiekambria

    New aspiring tattooist here ?

    Hiiii fellow artists. Newbie here. I’m Katie. 26. I’ve been an artist my entire life and have been stuck in the restaurant industry most of my years. Quarantine has ignited my fire of going after the career I’ve always dreamed of. I’m here to absorb as much knowledge about the craft as I can...
  9. D

    New and looking for suggestions and guidance

    Hi everyone! I am just starting out and I’m looking for general advice, guidance and suggestions. What is your favorite ink, where is the best place to get supplies (websites and do they have recurring subscriptions), what is something you wish you knew starting out, etc. Anything and everything...
  10. Funky3s

    Is it possible to get vibrant blacks in fakeskin

    So I have no tattoo experience and am going through the learning process. I purchased a 30 dollar solong tattoo kit with one basic coil machine, needles, and ink and I understand the quality of products will affect outcome. my question is around color packing. Granted I’m only using a 3rl and...
  11. Gina

    Opinions on Dragonhawk Machines for beginners?

    Just bought a Dragonhawk rotary tattoo kit off Amazon. Never picked up a gun in my life but excited to explore this new medium. Wondering what the professional's opinions are?
  12. elisha.sapphire


    PLEASE NO JUDGEMENT, I LITERALLY KNOW NOTHING! HENCE WHY I'M HERE:giggle: Hey everybody, (This is my first post so I hope this gets somewhere) A BIT OF BACKGROUND: At the moment I have a mentor, someone who will teach me the techniques and trade etc, however this is usually done in the evenings...
  13. Z

    EGO Switch / Rotary machine

    Hello from Sweden! New to the forum and also kinda new to tattooing. A lot of good threads and advice so I figured why not sign up. I’ve been tattooing for about six months on fake skins, fruits and myself. I’ve been using coils, first two cheap ones but then upgraded to an Emillion liner. But...
  14. KerryBerryart

    Kerry's Progress and Work.

    Hey all, I've been here a few weeks, reading and absorbing. You seem like a great community and I'm loving being here already. I've been tattooing only a short while since last August, self taught part time, with some external professional comments and wisdom from the friendships with tattoo...
  15. KerryBerryart

    Beginner from Ireland!

    Hey everyone, Learner here from Ireland, delighted to get stuck in further and better myself. Just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for having this place! Looking forward to contributing and being part of this community. Have an awesome day. <3
  16. MadameA23

    Hi there from UK

    Hi everyone, thought id introduce myself. Im Anna, 25 from uk. I have joined this site to check in with other tattooing folk. After training in tattooing and have done a few pieces on people to start off, I realised I need to talk with other practitioners to perhaps pick up tips and learn some...
  17. anelise.cas

    Recommendations for New Tattooers/Tattoos Kits

    Hi- I'm super new! :-) Trying to learn to tattoo on my own since I have no one to teach me, and I'm feeling overwhelmed with all of the information online, hence why I wanted someone IRL to teach me. LUCKILY though, I found this forum which I've been reading for a few days now. I was wondering...
  18. E

    Whatsup from Tacoma, Wa!

    Hey there! My name is Erin and I'm here in Washington. I've been fine tuning my skills for about 2 years now on and off. Doing ok with my line work so far and have done a few solid pieces on people, I'm just fairly recently starting to experiment with colors and shading and trying more...
  19. Grimmlockjr

    My first on skin

    My first tattoo on skin. On my friends calf, used 5rl and 9rs, Electrick Inks. I need to redo the red.
  20. Daisy

    beginner shading set up - advice

    Have been googling (as always!) - but just incase any one has any good links or have a supplier they use. I am hoping my wee cheapie shader will be here by the end of the week - but I am not sure what to get to start shading (well - try this out!) - will be on stencil work & lining & drawing...