beginners tattoo kits

  1. Funky3s

    Is it possible to get vibrant blacks in fakeskin

    So I have no tattoo experience and am going through the learning process. I purchased a 30 dollar solong tattoo kit with one basic coil machine, needles, and ink and I understand the quality of products will affect outcome. my question is around color packing. Granted I’m only using a 3rl and...
  2. Daisy

    Beginners rotary shader?

    Hello I am looking to buy a wee cheapie rotary again just so I can get my head round this and try it out - my wee cheapie liner is okish (and will do me until my course in March when I can hopefully speak to folk and look at different machines) - lots of the wee cheapie rotary lines also say...
  3. Daisy

    Beginners Kit - Uk (not Ebay Or Amazon)

    I am looking for a okish/budget beginners kit in the UK - having read a few threads - I am not 100% keen on going down the ebay/amazon route - as I think a bad machine will just put me off - I rather pay a little bit more and get something semi decent to practice with . I would rather buy from...