1. Mundo506

    Differences between Dynamic BLK and Triple BLK

    Hi, I’ve been using Dynamic BLK for everything, but I want to know if there’s a substancial difference with the triple BLK apart of being more concentrated? thanks.
  2. scathe

    Solid coloring with mag?

    So I'm really into heavy blackwork and I've started blacking out my lower leg, I've been wanting it blacked out anyways and figured it would be good practice as well. But I've been running into a few problems, I'm using a Peak Tanza rotary with a Piranha Compakt power supply, with 1211 curved...
  3. Patch72

    B&g rose

    Rose I did from other week, Dynamic black Radiant white Sabre tubes 7rl 9mag Glynn flew coil machines Try radiant white it’s the best I’ve used in ages,but rusty as first one in a age Feel free to rip it apart all learning
  4. WhippTatts

    Black On Top Of Color On Top Of Black?

    Hey I feel like a dick even asking this, but I'm curious if anyone would comment on how you approach mixing black shading and color? Like if you were doing a rose that went red to black, would you do a full pass of red, then shade in the black? mix it all at once? do the black shading, then...
  5. Flemingtm94

    Mom's Brand Tattoo Ink Vs Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

    I am a beginner artist and one strange thing I noticed that the ink really plays a huge part in your overall work. I recently purchased Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink after using Mom's for about 4 months. *I wanted to be cheap* So for the same price I received 2X's more ink than Mom's ink; 1st plus. Then...