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  1. M

    Selling Cheyenne Hawk Pen

    Hi, I’m from the USA & trying to sell my Cheyenne Hawk Pen as I’ve bought a new machine. It’s red with a black grip. I don’t have the purchase receipt but I’ve included a picture of the serial number. I will also provide an adapter cable.
  2. N

    Hi, 10 years tattooing experiencing smthng new.

    I feel totally embarrassed to post this, but I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong. I've been tattooing since 2012 using a swisstattoo rotary machine. Never had a single issue. In January I've decided it's time to try something new and I bought myself the much talked about cheyenne...
  3. C

    Problems with cheyenne

    I have posted this problem before, but now I have some video of the situation so you can see.. My cheyenne cartridges wont work very well with my Ego grip (or Magic Moon). Both Mags and Liners.
  4. MadameA23

    Cheyanne problems

    When I first trained in tattooing I learnt accross most types of machines but my favourite was the cheyenne. I recently got a Cheyenne Hawk Spirit for myself and seem to be getting on badly with it and I'm not sure why. There seems to be a lack of power although it sounds fine to run but when...
  5. PuraVida

    HELP Want to switch from Cheyenne pen!

    Hey peeps, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet y’all. Currently I’ve been using a Cheyenne pen for the last 5 years, but now that I’m moving into more line work and am-trad.... I’m finding that it’s struggling.. Essentially I feel that I need something with more power. I’d like to stay with...
  6. randygootjes

    Cheyenne Hawk Pen Anyone Got Experience?

    Hey! So i'm intrested in Buning the cheyenne hawk pen. Since i bought a cheapass set and i am not really comfy with. Yeah i know its still cause i am a beginner! But i went in a tattoo supply shop and was feeling the machine ect. The guy told me its nice since the weight is nice balanced and not...

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