1. J

    Selling Selling Coil Machines ,

    Hey y’all, selling a few machines, soba mini rusto, a hand made liner shader combo, and a Danny Fowler solo x
  2. 79josh81

    Coil Liner Upgrade

    So I’ve been throwing around the idea of getting a new coil machine for lining. There’s so many options and bullshit online about coil machines and “supposed” good machines. I figure a general consensus on good coils on here from members would probably be better than random online searches...
  3. Christopher11

    Rotary vs Coil tattoo machine

    I'm in a search of an inexpensive tattoo machine but first, I'd like to outline which tool is better to get in terms of its type. I was reading an article and what I got from it didn't help me to understand what exactly I need. I'm interested in a review of those fellows who is more aware of...