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  1. Misael92

    What am I doing wrong?

    Okay so I'm absolutely new to this, have a long background in art, design, carving, etching, but I decided to get a tattoo pen. Just got it and of course I thought what better way to learn than to practice. So my issue is I'll outline something but when I clean the area, 90% of the ink...
  2. J_money

    Just Started Back And Need Some Advice

    hey everyone, I need some advice on a couple things lol, I just started back after taking a year off, I started back on rotarys instead of coils, I have a spectra edge x and a bishop microangelo, I've been having a lot of problems with my depth, if I go the right depth or what i was taught ink...
  3. Flemingtm94

    Spotty Shading: Need Advice

    So I am new to tattooing and I am very picky about certain projects that require a lot of shading. When I use a circular motion to shade, certain areas are always lighter than the others. I tend to use the same sized shading needle as the outline. So if I used a 7RL for the outline, I would use...