1. G

    Sold Ink machines Dragonfly X2, 4mm stroke, set for Classic needle.

    I’m selling my Dragonfly x2. I've been it run for about 5-7hours. It’s a fantastic machine good for just about anything. I’ve used it mostly for lining, shading and color packing. It makes beautiful, solid one pass lines at least up to 16rl/rs (haven’t really had the need to try anything...
  2. dos_artist

    Adjusting Dragonfly ink machine’s rotary to accept cartridges

    Hi there, I have a dragonfly by Sweden’s ink machines I’m trying to adapt to accept cartridges, I purchased a dark lab grip and the spring to change over. All was going fine as I was following the video until I got stuck on a part I need to remove. The tool needed to remove this piece was not...