1. J

    Too much blow out

    Please don’t worry, it my own leg so this monstrosity only affects me. but...any tips on where I’m going wrong? To me it’s a mix of blow out and scratches? really appreciate any pointers. This shit is harder than it looks. thanks
  2. Rinkashi

    Feedback and tips!

    Hi everyone! Im posting a new tattoo i recently did, just the linning, but im having thia little problem, where sometimes the needle penetrates the skin but ink wont get in, also, sometimes the lines are bold and sometimes they are kinda weak, and finally theres parts where it was really hard to...
  3. Rinkashi

    Help with lines please

    Hey everyone, im new here and started doing my first tattoos, i wonder if someone could help me, when i do lines, sometimes ink doesnt go into the skin, and i have to do 2 or more passes, sometimes even its like a weak gray line (im only using black), any tips or recomendations? Im posting a...