first tattoo

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  1. T

    Tattoo lines became wobbly/uneven AFTER it healed

    Hey there! I did my first 2 tattoos 2 weeks ago. One of them healed amazingly, even thought it was done with red ink (yes first tattoo, red ink, how stupid is this guy right ?) Anyway, it turned out decent and healed properly. (The scissor tattoo) Unfortunatey, the second one (the moon) looked...
  2. Tattoonz

    I let a friend do his first tattoo on me!

    What do y'all think? After a half dozen fake skins and 2 pig shoulders , it was time to touch skin.
  3. J

    My first attempt on human skin

    Hi. I've had a go at my first tattoo on my leg and wondered if i could get some feedback/tips? I'm quite disappointed if i'm honest. My hand was shaking and i'm not sure if i was going deep enough, the ink was blotting so i couldn't see what i was doing. Any suggestions before i have a second...
  4. chloefazz

    First piece :)

    Any constructive criticism or advice would be good! My first piece, done yesterday with a Sabre Air, 9RL.
  5. Redfox522

    My first tattoos! ?

    Sooooo for my first tattoos on actual human skin I’m pretty proud! I mean they aren’t total disasters!!! I’ve found that nothing compares to tattooing a real person. This has been the best practice I’ve had. Yes my lines are not great but overall I can tell what it’s supposed to be and I’m happy...
  6. B

    My 6th tattoo

    Hi everyone I’ve recently started tattooing. Had a few sort of lessions of a friend who is a great tattoo artist. This was my 6th tattoo. Most of what I have done before were basic outline and shading and some lettering. It’s the second black and grey tattoo I have done. First one was a rose on...
  7. Grimmlockjr

    My first on skin

    My first tattoo on skin. On my friends calf, used 5rl and 9rs, Electrick Inks. I need to redo the red.
  8. Daisy

    soooo... skin tattoo

    My husband really, really kindly let me tattoo him last night - just a simple outline (to be coloured in future) - I know I am hugely jumping the gun - but tattooing a human was a big hurdle that I was so worried about and I kept thinking what if I do all of this and can't tattoo a...
  9. NinaRose11803

    First Attempt On A Melon

    Hi there! I've been a member on here for a while, but I just finally got my equipment together and starting practicing. This was my first attempt at a cohesive tattoo (after doing random lines for a while). I'm looking for any criticism you'll give me! I just want to improve. I'm using the...

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