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  1. T

    Tattoo lines became wobbly/uneven AFTER it healed

    Hey there! I did my first 2 tattoos 2 weeks ago. One of them healed amazingly, even thought it was done with red ink (yes first tattoo, red ink, how stupid is this guy right ?) Anyway, it turned out decent and healed properly. (The scissor tattoo) Unfortunatey, the second one (the moon) looked...
  2. Cas0b

    Why did this tat heal like that ? How to touch up?

    Hello all, it’s been a while. I’ve been tattooing more, myself and close friends, and most of the healed tats look alright. Not perfect, but I can feel I’m on the right path. However, there’s this one I’ve done on a friend that I’m not quite happy with. As you can see I mainly do linework, no...
  3. N

    Why does this happen?

    Hi all. Struggling to figure out why some lines are healing like this. Some lines look as though the ink in the middle of them has fallen out ? They look solid during the tattoo then heal like this. They're not raised up at all but do look scarred. It's only a few of my tattoos that've done...

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