home studio

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  1. Andersonified

    She isn’t perfect but she’s mine

    Here’s my private home studio, I had 3 days to set it all up before her first break in appointment. She’s a Portable Minihouse and has a bathroom wash station, tv and surround sound.
  2. MadameA23

    Product sheets

    Hi all, is it expected practice to keep product sheets of ink ingredients. Their batch number origin ingredients sheets? Someone mentioned it to me once. But I've had trouble getting hold of them as they dont seem to be issued with the inks when I buy them. I buy eternal if that helps. Where can...
  3. MadameA23

    Home studio sinks

    So I've had a really beautiful home studio built, it's taken a few months for me to collect all the bits and pieces that are required. But I have a problem in getting hot water to both of my sinks! Given the limited space, I have a small wall mounted boiler thing above one for hot water but...

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