ink missing

  1. MAG20

    Help on my first tattoo!

    Hi, I've been learning for the past months and practicing on fruit and fake skin, today I ventured on my first ever real skin tattoo on my husband (forearm). And nerves aside, I was feeling pretty confident... until the first wipe. I had done several lines and none were taking in the ink. I'm...
  2. H

    Ink not setting consistently and causing bleeding

    Hey y’all! just now jumping into tattooing for the first time. Unfortunately, I’m not set up at a shop due to Covid and due to the lack of good shops that I would want to learn from in my city. I’ve been using a cheap amazon kit and working on fruit and stuff. After a few months I’m now working...
  3. R

    Ink fell off, raw skin showing

    Hello everyone, I really need some help here cus we’re lost. On monday (02/11) my bf got his first tattoo, it was on the side of the left calf, it was very big for a first tattoo, and the artist said they could do all of it in one sitting (which is a questionable decision, but he also did my...