1. Kellalizard

    What's the best OPAQUE red tattoo ink?

    Hi guys, I have a set of Eternal Ink and I also have a few World Famous Inks which I love. However, the Red Inks I have from Eternal are all a bit transparent, good for blending and layering but not great for packing or covering. I have a client who's after a partial cover-up with a red rose and...
  2. N

    Anyone using solid ink lining black or black matte?

    I’ve used the lining black, love how black it is but not a big fan of the shiny finish it gives, tried the matte black but it’s extremely watery, it dripped from my cartridge and it was a pain to clean the skin. What are your thoughts?
  3. Rinkashi

    Losing stencil help

    Hi, its me again asking for tips hahaha, so everytime i tattoo, my stencils gets washed away pretty quick, ive seen videos where people people doesnt get the skin all stained with the ink, and even when that happens, they clean and the stencil stays (which isnt my case :c ) can you give me some...
  4. Mundo506

    Differences between Dynamic BLK and Triple BLK

    Hi, I’ve been using Dynamic BLK for everything, but I want to know if there’s a substancial difference with the triple BLK apart of being more concentrated? thanks.
  5. H

    Ink not setting consistently and causing bleeding

    Hey y’all! just now jumping into tattooing for the first time. Unfortunately, I’m not set up at a shop due to Covid and due to the lack of good shops that I would want to learn from in my city. I’ve been using a cheap amazon kit and working on fruit and stuff. After a few months I’m now working...
  6. W

    Ink pooling around needle tip

    Hi I started tattooing not too long ago. I've done a few pieces that came out ok but I'm having a problem where when I touch the needle to the skin ink starts to puddle around the needle tip impairing my ability to see the stencil. I'm fairly good at following the lines without seeing them but I...
  7. D

    New and looking for suggestions and guidance

    Hi everyone! I am just starting out and I’m looking for general advice, guidance and suggestions. What is your favorite ink, where is the best place to get supplies (websites and do they have recurring subscriptions), what is something you wish you knew starting out, etc. Anything and everything...
  8. P

    Kuro Sumi ink

    What do you guys think of kuro Sumi grey shades , I've used dynamic ink with the solution it's just not the type of color I want my tattoo to heal . I've used silverback although it's color flow and smoothness is on point. It heals very light . I'm thinking of changing my ink to kuro Sumi ...
  9. MadameA23

    Product sheets

    Hi all, is it expected practice to keep product sheets of ink ingredients. Their batch number origin ingredients sheets? Someone mentioned it to me once. But I've had trouble getting hold of them as they dont seem to be issued with the inks when I buy them. I buy eternal if that helps. Where can...
  10. Clyde41

    Selling tattoo kit

    Selling tattoo kit for 150$
  11. B

    Stencil going in with light color inks

    Has anyone ever had the problem where it looks like the stencil gets tattooed in with lighter ink? Can't find anything on this online and I don't know what to do to avoid :( Thanks in advance
  12. E

    Whatsup from Tacoma, Wa!

    Hey there! My name is Erin and I'm here in Washington. I've been fine tuning my skills for about 2 years now on and off. Doing ok with my line work so far and have done a few solid pieces on people, I'm just fairly recently starting to experiment with colors and shading and trying more...
  13. I

    Ink Splatter

    Can someone tell me what Im doing wrong? Recently everytime I try to do line work my ink splatters on skin and it very hard to know where my line is going. Why is this?
  14. Tomink

    Hi all

    Just wanted to say hi . I’m from London UK and just starting to practice tattooing . Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time
  15. AtlantaNate

    Chris Fernandez’s Kings Ave ink?

    Does anyone know what inks Chris Fernandez from Kings Ave is using? I love his color pallet. Specifically that Yellow Ochre color and his red.
  16. Flemingtm94

    Mom's Brand Tattoo Ink Vs Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

    I am a beginner artist and one strange thing I noticed that the ink really plays a huge part in your overall work. I recently purchased Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink after using Mom's for about 4 months. *I wanted to be cheap* So for the same price I received 2X's more ink than Mom's ink; 1st plus. Then...
  17. Rurye

    Hey Everyone, Im Rurye And Im New Here.

    hey everyone, im rurye, and im in florida U.S. , i was dabbling in the tattoo field when i first turned 18 and got out of it to follow another path but of course now at age 29 my love of art work and sharing it with others has lead me back to where i never should of left. the only bad things is...