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  1. Dzikichrzan

    Some tattos I’ve done recently

    Hello tattoo lovers here is some of my recent works where windmill is last one I did, im not super sad about it but there is some line issues...not to mention that I get rid of stencil a bit...anyways I gess It doesnt looks so bad innit? All tattos are done on my friends. Palm tree healed done...
  2. Dzikichrzan

    Some recent tattoos I’ve done

    Hi all I hope you all doing well :) Here are tattoos I’ve done during last few days. Used from 1 to 9 rl,7rs,7-17cm. Intenze ink (lining,true black +1-3 grey wash,magnolia,snow white,) Ethernal blue. Still trying to do simple stuff but even then it can be challenging???, some of the designs are...

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