1. Maddmike

    1007RL or 1205RL?

    1007rl and 1205rl make close to the same size line, but which is better for general line work? #10 generally slide into the skin better, but 1205 has less needles so less trauma right?
  2. Cas0b

    Why did this tat heal like that ? How to touch up?

    Hello all, it’s been a while. I’ve been tattooing more, myself and close friends, and most of the healed tats look alright. Not perfect, but I can feel I’m on the right path. However, there’s this one I’ve done on a friend that I’m not quite happy with. As you can see I mainly do linework, no...
  3. Kellalizard

    Having to go back over lines - How to get single pass black lines?

    Hi, I've been tattooing for a fair few months now and I'm now onto people. I'm quite comfortable shading and packing colour/black and grey but I'm finding lining very difficult. I would consider myself a realism artist but I want to incorporate linework into my designs to help them hold up and...
  4. Cas0b

    Wobbly line alert, I thought I was safe now

    Hi guys. I’ve been lurking this forum for a while now and already know that I will probably end up on premium. I’ve been thinking of posting this for a while but my last tattoo really pushed me to do it. I started tattooing last year, first only handpoking myself and friends. I passed the...
  5. Funky3s

    First Tat on My Own Skin

    Hi everyone. I recently did my first tattoo on my own leg. Just the linework. Taking it slow allowing healing in between moments that I actually take the machine to my own skin. Ink - Kuro sumi black for lining rig(s) - solong starter / dragonfly rotary needles - standard needle sets from...