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  1. T

    Hi NEED some help with color

    Hi i just started tattooing for the last 4 months well 2 months researching and two months on pig skin and now I've started on myself. I've successfully lined shaded and colored with no problems but its come out lot more flat then i want. I'm really into hyper realism and charachter but have a...
  2. Echoenchontus

    Lining, also shading sometimes. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    I’ve been licensed for about 3 years now and we have quite a busy shop so I’ve done tons of tattoos! Most of which I think turn out fine. Lately I just been feeling kind of down about myself, especially in the last week 3 people have come in asking for touch ups. Like parts of the lining faded...
  3. Teav535xi

    Too deep and overworked or not deep enough

    Hey guys, I’m in a shitty situation... I’ve been a self taught tattooist for about a year I’ll post some of my work, I’m new here, but in the mean while I came across an issue when my tattoo healed. It’s on my thumb mind you I’ve never done hands and fingers so it’s uncharted territory too me...
  4. Tattooist8828

    Losing my hand

    I have been tattooing since 2013. Ive been tattooing professionally since 2015. I had to leave the shop last year around july. So its been less than a year. When i left i was at the pinnacle of my skill level. Putting out great clean tattoos effortlessly. Since i left and had to get a full time...

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