1. adimaru

    Beginner Mandala attempt + questions

    Hi all, i tried a mandala yesterday as excercise for my 4th time using a tattoo machine ever. i made it on some "cheap" skin. And i was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on the process (lines, depth, hand steadyness) Throughout the tattoo i changed from & a 9RL to a 3RL because...
  2. Dzikichrzan

    Mandala tattoo for my Sister-in-law

    Hello people :) this one I've done 8 days ago and I'm guessing few more and can go back to do some more dot shading. It took around 3h, Xion pen machine, done with 9 RL and 3 tight rl, intenze lining black, taking my time as always. Few spots I wish to do better but she is very happy how its...