1. Mx909rider

    Finding Quality Needles

    I'm so tired of having to throw away so many brand new unused needle combos due to defects or getting into a tattoo and realizing the grouping isn't good and having to change it out. Most of all just flat out wasting money on combos from local public supply stores like Glass House. I'm trying to...
  2. C

    What needle gauge for thick lining?

    Hi I currently use #10 RL long taper needles for lining but wanted your opinions on if #12 versions of the needles would be better for bold lines? Thanks for reading
  3. Clyde41

    Selling tattoo kit

    Selling tattoo kit for 150$
  4. Daisy

    beginner shading set up - advice

    Have been googling (as always!) - but just incase any one has any good links or have a supplier they use. I am hoping my wee cheapie shader will be here by the end of the week - but I am not sure what to get to start shading (well - try this out!) - will be on stencil work & lining & drawing...
  5. Flemingtm94

    Spotty Shading: Need Advice

    So I am new to tattooing and I am very picky about certain projects that require a lot of shading. When I use a circular motion to shade, certain areas are always lighter than the others. I tend to use the same sized shading needle as the outline. So if I used a 7RL for the outline, I would use...
  6. Deviantdan16

    Needles For Colour

    Was just about to order some needles for packing solid colour. Ive heard that 7 mags are pretty good and seen a few people use them. I know a curved edge will give less trauma but what do you guys recomend? Either - 7 flat 0.35 long taper 7 flat 0.35 med taper 7 curved 0.35 long or 7 curved...