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  3. J

    Cured pig skin

    Hi I’ve spoken to a butcher who says he supplies specially prepared pig skin. He cures it, dry’s it out, cleans it and says it’s much better to tattoo on as more flexible and better resembles human skin. Also lasts longer, doesn’t smell etc. he’s charging £25 for 14inch square sheets which...
  4. Visions

    First-week practice

    Hey, guys I thought i'd share my first week on a pad and get C&C. So, i've been mad-scientist-ing some way to incorporate my painting style i'm accustomed with into a tattoo style. Spike (left) got beat up pretty bad due to a RS clipping pretty deep. I'll prob. Come back to him and get him...
  5. Freshhy


    When would you suggest to start practicing watercolour? Is it like shading in terms of building up the colour? How do you blend? Do I use sterile water?! Soooo many questions! TIA
  6. T

    Decided to jump in the deep end

    And try a portrait tattoo. Very difficult but learned a ton. Started with Jesse in the back and royally fucked him up pretty badly. Feel like Walt looks a little better but still far from realistic. Lots of fun doing this though and looking forward to learning and growing more. Going to do some...
  7. Dzikichrzan

    Latest reel skin practice

    Hello everyone, hope you all good and healthly ;) Done with xion, many variation of carts, tiger(Work in progress) skull done with 13M bugpin 7CM and 3rl cherries done on low volts 5-6, (didnt bother to wipe stencil away) also i used 7CM and 3RL. My first attemps to do more realistic things ;)...
  8. Stuart1984

    Practice skin... staining

    Hi everyone Am I doing something wrong? I'm using some practice skin and have just started learning and practicing but the skin I'm using is getting really stained... am I using too much ink? Am I wiping incorrectly? Should I be using vaseline on practice skin? Thank you for the support
  9. MadameA23

    Fake skin transfer

    Hi can anyone help, I'm sure theres numerous posts on this but I couldn't find any about ? what cream/gel is best for transfering images onto fake skin? It repels the stencil stay gel and cream. Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times..
  10. Dzikichrzan

    Mandala tattoo for my Sister-in-law

    Hello people :) this one I've done 8 days ago and I'm guessing few more and can go back to do some more dot shading. It took around 3h, Xion pen machine, done with 9 RL and 3 tight rl, intenze lining black, taking my time as always. Few spots I wish to do better but she is very happy how its...
  11. MadameA23

    Grapefruit practice

    Hi guys, here is photos of a line work exercise I did on a grapefruit. I'd appreciate some helpful feedback. (Please no comments like "quit".. I want useful feedback) I will post a photo of the shading later. Thanks:)
  12. MadameA23

    Hi there from UK

    Hi everyone, thought id introduce myself. Im Anna, 25 from uk. I have joined this site to check in with other tattooing folk. After training in tattooing and have done a few pieces on people to start off, I realised I need to talk with other practitioners to perhaps pick up tips and learn some...
  13. Lucy Locket

    Ended #3 Tattoo Drawing Contest

    The latest drawing contest theme will be EYES. Entries should be in by Saturday 9th June 2018. Voting for the winner will open on the 10th. See the rules. Good luck! Please note that the contests will now be open for entries for two weeks to give people more time to enter.