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  1. J

    New rotary pen style machine, coil for learning??

    Hey guys, Im new to the forum, been tattooing since about 2 months, first on fakeskin, fruit and piggy, now the occasional piece on myself, my boyfriend or my sister. I tattoo every single day and really do see my improvement, so i think its time to step up my machine. I currently use a cheap...
  2. Kellalizard

    What's the best OPAQUE red tattoo ink?

    Hi guys, I have a set of Eternal Ink and I also have a few World Famous Inks which I love. However, the Red Inks I have from Eternal are all a bit transparent, good for blending and layering but not great for packing or covering. I have a client who's after a partial cover-up with a red rose and...

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