reel skin

  1. Dzikichrzan

    Latest reel skin practice

    Hello everyone, hope you all good and healthly ;) Done with xion, many variation of carts, tiger(Work in progress) skull done with 13M bugpin 7CM and 3rl cherries done on low volts 5-6, (didnt bother to wipe stencil away) also i used 7CM and 3RL. My first attemps to do more realistic things ;)...
  2. Daisy

    daisy's progress

    just to keep track... all done with cheap as chips hommi liner from amazon/ flux 5rl or 7rl needles/ kuri sumi black lining ink. Reel skin, couple of very basic sketches thrown in (and yup I love the art from stranger factory! brandt peters/ kathies olivas)