1. Malodeix

    Hello people!!

    Hi all, my name is Alex, I’m 24 and living in Ireland. I’m a self taught artist and illustrator who very recently got into tattooing. I was always super into tattoos and have quite a few myself but didn’t realise I could actually do it until last year. My end goal is to someday make a living...
  2. K

    reelskin staining

    Hey I just got a piece of Reelskin in hopes of not having to deal with stains when wiping off excess ink, but my ink is still staining horribly no matter what technique or product I use. I'm using Kashoku ink, could that be the problem?
  3. Daisy

    reelskin + vaseline = big smeary mess!

    Hello So I got some reelskin through (still not managed to get to butchers to see about pigskin) - done a few practice stencils just to get my head round the process. I then got my stencil on - waited around 30 mins for it to dry/ smeared with vaseline then using a 5rl / kuro sumi lining ink -...