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  1. D

    Needles Streaks on Fake Skin

    Hi everyone, I'm still using some of the cheapest fake skin that I originally got while awaiting reelskin, but I wanted to ask if there is something I can do to avoid the streaking that the needles are leaving behind. I've been having this issue with pretty much all my RS and RL sizes (from 3...
  2. Julia Corps

    Hello From Brazil!

    Ahoy, comrades! I'm Ju, 28 years old, always loved tattoos and always dreamt of becoming a tattoo artist. I think the time has come! I simply love this community! I've been wandering around for a while now only reading and saving useful/interesting links and finally I've decided to order my...
  3. j-the-rookie

    Start Off With Rotary Machine

    Hi guys! I am Jan, new to the forum and to the world of tattoos, so I apologise in advance for any mistake in terms of terminology, naivety and typos (English is my second language). I've got a few tattoos and planning to get more, plus I am getting more and more interested in this fascinating...

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