skull tattoo

  1. Dzikichrzan

    Latest reel skin practice

    Hello everyone, hope you all good and healthly ;) Done with xion, many variation of carts, tiger(Work in progress) skull done with 13M bugpin 7CM and 3rl cherries done on low volts 5-6, (didnt bother to wipe stencil away) also i used 7CM and 3RL. My first attemps to do more realistic things ;)...
  2. BB0D79CE-75FD-48C4-9B9F-76EFDCB2A79E.jpeg


    Skull and flowers flash idea
  3. 20C321FC-3569-4621-8EE4-A956BD52FACE.jpeg


    Skull and dagger
  4. Daisy

    2 wee pieces

    used electrum - stencil lasted much better for me! - alloowed to dry for about 40 mins - just beacuse I wanted to not lose anything 9rl - eternal lining black 7m1 - after I had done some colouring with the 9rl - the ink went in a million times better with this. - design not mine - but something...