1. scathe

    Solid coloring with mag?

    So I'm really into heavy blackwork and I've started blacking out my lower leg, I've been wanting it blacked out anyways and figured it would be good practice as well. But I've been running into a few problems, I'm using a Peak Tanza rotary with a Piranha Compakt power supply, with 1211 curved...
  2. Deviantdan16

    P Needles For Colour

    Was just about to order some needles for packing solid colour. Ive heard that 7 mags are pretty good and seen a few people use them. I know a curved edge will give less trauma but what do you guys recomend? Either - 7 flat 0.35 long taper 7 flat 0.35 med taper 7 curved 0.35 long or 7 curved...