stencil printer

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    Stencil printer malfunction

    Every time i try to print a stencil design, it only prints part of it and leaves thick blue lines on the paper. I tried cleaning everything inside with alcohol and a Q-Tip but nothing changed. Anyone got any advice on how to fix this?
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    Help with Pocketjet 3

    So I bought a Pentax pocketjet 3 as a cheaper thermal printer but I can’t get it to work. I’ve installed the drivers and configuration programs , select my stencil to print, remove backing sheet and insert face up, print. Then the page runs through the printer as if it were printing but no image...
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    Selling Brother Pj-623 Thermal Transfer Printer

    I work freehand, but I bought this thermal transfer printer with the idea of doing more stencils. I used it twice and then it stayed in it's box and I never used it again. It works perfectly, and can print off nice thin lines and small details, as well as showing shaded areas in graduating...