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  1. Rinkashi

    Losing stencil help

    Hi, its me again asking for tips hahaha, so everytime i tattoo, my stencils gets washed away pretty quick, ive seen videos where people people doesnt get the skin all stained with the ink, and even when that happens, they clean and the stencil stays (which isnt my case :c ) can you give me some...
  2. A

    Transfer paper suddenly not working? Drying out?

    I was given some stencil paper which I used with no problems for a few months. I put the paper with the drawing directly on the ink part of the stencil paper, trace the drawing and the ink sticks to the back, as it should. Before. Few months without using, I had to trace super hard to get some...
  3. D

    Help with Pocketjet 3

    So I bought a Pentax pocketjet 3 as a cheaper thermal printer but I can’t get it to work. I’ve installed the drivers and configuration programs , select my stencil to print, remove backing sheet and insert face up, print. Then the page runs through the printer as if it were printing but no image...
  4. Pitzay

    Fake skin and shading.

    Ok so I’ve ran into a couple of issues when doing my first portrait on fake skin. 1) The stencil will not come off! I’ve tried alcohol and bleach. It’s just not budging. 2) my shading isn’t smooth. I don’t quite know what I’m doing wrong? Any help appreciated!
  5. B

    Stencil going in with light color inks

    Has anyone ever had the problem where it looks like the stencil gets tattooed in with lighter ink? Can't find anything on this online and I don't know what to do to avoid :( Thanks in advance
  6. AtlantaNate

    Fax Machine Stencil Copier

    So after shopping for stencil printers and watching reviews, I came across some videos showing how to use a standard old fax machine to make stencils. I have been making my stencils by hand and still probably will in the future but man it is nice to be able to resize or flip and image real quick...
  7. J_money

    my new way of doing stencils, let me know what u think

    ok guys I've always had a problem with stencils staying on and finally I heard about hulk, so I gave that a try and it worked better than anything I've tried and then I recently saw a artist use stencil stuff spray so I thought I'd try it out and I really think it works good, so just prep the...
  8. J_money

    Just Started Back And Need Some Advice

    hey everyone, I need some advice on a couple things lol, I just started back after taking a year off, I started back on rotarys instead of coils, I have a spectra edge x and a bishop microangelo, I've been having a lot of problems with my depth, if I go the right depth or what i was taught ink...
  9. ChrisFrick

    Stencil Stuff Alternative

    I was reading through a few old posts on homemade stencil application fluid, and although there has been a lot of great advice and instruction, a lot of the formulas/directions for creating these concoctions are rather vague... not to mention the plethora of different formulas floating about...