tattoo flash

  1. fleshmech

    Japanese Paintings/Flash

    Hi guys, Been really into drawing and painting Japanese style concepts/flash lately. Here are some I recently finished up! (please excuse me if I’ve uploaded these images wrong lol - still tryna figure out how to get pics in a post)
  2. BB0D79CE-75FD-48C4-9B9F-76EFDCB2A79E.jpeg


    Skull and flowers flash idea
  3. 20C321FC-3569-4621-8EE4-A956BD52FACE.jpeg


    Skull and dagger
  4. Lucy Locket

    Ended #4 Tattoo Drawing Contest

    The latest drawing contest theme will be MUSIC. Entries should be in by Saturday 30th June 2018. Voting for the winner will close on the 15th July. See the rules. Good luck! Please note that the contests will now be open for entries for two weeks to give people more time to enter. Digital...