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  1. M

    Selling Cheyenne Hawk Pen

    Hi, I’m from the USA & trying to sell my Cheyenne Hawk Pen as I’ve bought a new machine. It’s red with a black grip. I don’t have the purchase receipt but I’ve included a picture of the serial number. I will also provide an adapter cable.
  2. sampampaloni

    Using a powerliner for thin lines

    Hi, I'm new in the forum and I have this doubt. Recently I purchased a powerliner, which is supposed to be used with needles from 7rl to 15rl. My question is the following, can I use it with smaller group needles, like 3rl or 5rl? I hope you could help me.
  3. G

    Sold Ink machines Dragonfly X2, 4mm stroke, set for Classic needle.

    I’m selling my Dragonfly x2. I've been it run for about 5-7hours. It’s a fantastic machine good for just about anything. I’ve used it mostly for lining, shading and color packing. It makes beautiful, solid one pass lines at least up to 16rl/rs (haven’t really had the need to try anything...
  4. P

    Please help me to pick a tattoo machine

    Hi, I am a newbie, and I need your help. Could you please help me to pick a tattoo machine? I don't know which one is better. One is from Amazon, the other is from imeshbean. Thank you
  5. V

    Tattoo pen machine.

    Hello everybody! :) I wanted to do this since I was in my early teenage years (I'm 24) and now I have finally decided to buy myself a tattoo pen machine. When it comes to tattoos I prefer outline, dot, sketch, glitch, abstract and geometric. Based on the above, can you please recommend me which...
  6. MalligaMallan

    Machine Parts Autoclaved

    Hey best friends! I'm having my RW Springer autoclaved. So happy! I used it on piggy and want it sterilized before using it on human skin. A family member can autoclave it at his job (at a hospital). He says they don't bag their instruments up when autoclaving them. My question is about what...
  7. DJHicks

    Studio Showcase. Lets See Your Workspaces.

    I'm now at the stage I need to start buying fixtures and fittings for the studio and trying to get some good ideas of what to get as space is limited so need to be clever about it. I've tried searching for pictures of peoples studios but ended up trawling through loads of threads only finding a...

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