tattoo needle depth

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  1. J

    Depth indicators while tattooing

    Hi, beginner tattoo artist here so ive been tattooing for the past couple of months but i still find my needle depth very inconsistent. most of my lines, while not looking bad, dont look exactly the same and i have to redo a lot so my question is, are there indicators you experience while...
  2. B

    Sculpting Lines Cause I can't single (or even double) pass :(

    Hey everyone, Still pretty new to this so excuse my noobness :( I can't seem to get a clean solid single pass line, or even close to it. I usually do the whole tattoo, wipe, then have to sculpt in the lines over top of the first pass to get a really solid stable line. It feels like sometimes...
  3. Daisy

    Tough skin query

    My friend asked me to do a tattoo for him - I am at the stage where I would only ever do a friend/ someone i know and who understands 100% I am learning and that I think I oculd do the best job I can on it - I am years away from being at the stage where I would ever do anything on a stranger...

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