1. Rinkashi

    Losing stencil help

    Hi, its me again asking for tips hahaha, so everytime i tattoo, my stencils gets washed away pretty quick, ive seen videos where people people doesnt get the skin all stained with the ink, and even when that happens, they clean and the stencil stays (which isnt my case :c ) can you give me some...
  2. N


    Hey! So I was wondering. What is better to use vaseline or ointment during process? For now I'm going to practise on fake skin, but I would love to know what works better on real skin and also on fake skin. And if using vaseline what brand/kind should I use?
  3. Daisy

    reelskin + vaseline = big smeary mess!

    Hello So I got some reelskin through (still not managed to get to butchers to see about pigskin) - done a few practice stencils just to get my head round the process. I then got my stencil on - waited around 30 mins for it to dry/ smeared with vaseline then using a 5rl / kuro sumi lining ink -...