white ink

  1. Malodeix

    White ink issues (please help!)

    Has anybody here ever experienced problems with the healing and settling of white ink? I got a fairly big black and grey piece with some white highlights on my knee/leg last September, and it’s still causing problems. It was a rough heal - it was super red, hot, and swollen initially but...
  2. E

    Kuro Sumi whites

    Hey y'all I'm relatively new to tattooing, but I've figured out that I am a fan of Kuro Sumis inks, and I need to get some white ink soon. They have the Samurai white, and then the white rice mixing colors, and I'm assuming that one is for actually packing white pigment into the skin and one...
  3. MadameA23

    Snowy owl in white??

    I did a snowy owl outline for a client a few weeks ago. Originally he wanted just the lines and main features which I did. He loves it alot but Now he has decided he wants the lot filled in to look more...snowy.. so now I'm abit stuck. I know doing a whole fill in white is a bad idea. What's...
  4. Daisy

    White ink advice/ highlight advice

    Just if anyone has any advice. I have the eternal bright white ink & I have a mixing white which I bought to change my basic ink colours into different tones (once I get to that stage!!( . If I want to put a white highlight round a piece ofradd a little bit of white into a few details - how is...
  5. WhippTatts

    Would This Count As American Traditional?

    Hey guys! Very novice tattooer here starting to get really interested in AT tattoos. I think focusing on the American Traditional rules and style will make me a better designer. Do you guys think this design would qualify as American Traditional? (Obviously it's in progress) I just joined...