A File of Some of My Work


13 Jan 2011
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Think these are very good if you are fairly new to tattooing! How Long have you been at it?
From an artist/teacher point of view (as not yet done any tattooing myself), You could get more 'form' into them by shading at the outer edges - would certainly make the koi more 3D for example? Don't like to criticise as I haven't any experience with the needles yet! Maybe when I've tried it I'll be in a better position to comment eh?!


16 Dec 2010
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hi dudes/dudettes :)

been tattooing on skin for about 10 month ish whenever i get the oppotunity
by that i meen i wont jus tattoo for the sake of tattooin i have to be confident in what im about to do if im not it wont happen i think thats real important not getting out of your depth when you are self teaching (no 1 there to turn to or look to t cykicly say dude how the **** i finnish this?? or wha i do now??? that leads to my biggest fear telling the poor person in ya chair ummmmm ya no this tattoo ive done ive kinda ballsed it up or i dont know how to finnish it or rather that admittin you cant finnish it an pluggin on futher to make a bigger mess on some one steady solid progress im finding is key to learning for me anyway if i can be of any help to any i will try anser ???? b nott no pro and dont claim to be i just do the best of my abbility with the information an knowledge i have at that time ;)

p.s would love to go to the states any get creative ;)

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