Advice about 1 of my own tats...


6 Feb 2010
Hi, I'm pretty new to this site and have been doing some practicing and when I get brave enough will put some on here.
At the moment I was looking for some expert advice about a tattoo I have on my leg. It was started a couple of years ago and had a few hours done on it, most spent having it coloured in several times as the colour wouldn't go right in the end I was so unhappy with what the artist was doing I stopped going back. It has since been coloured in again by someone else but am now wondering if it's worth saving or to try have it covered with something else if that i possible, and any ideas would be very welcome as getting fed up with it being half finished. :(


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26 Jan 2009
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I would say that tattoo can be made as good as new. Looking at it, i would imagine it wasnt done in a shop by an experienced artist, due to the colours used and lack of depth and shadow.

I would suggest you go to a reputable artist, and im sure he would love to help. Unique tattoos dont come along everyday, and they do get sick of the dreaded TRIBAL! :(

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6 Feb 2010
Thanks for the reply Davey, suprisingly this was done in a shop thats why I am so annoyed as I spent a lot of money to get it this far, I will have to go round a few other places in my area to see if someone will do it if you think it can be made good.

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