American in Paris


18 Aug 2011
Paris, France
First Name
Jessa Moulin
I am a 26 y/o American living in Paris. I had an apprenticeship here but the woman wanted 200 euros to watch me do a tattoo (and from what I've been told is crazy and a terrible tattoo artist, wish I could have figured this out in the 2 months I watched her, I felt something was off). I had an apprenticeship in the states but it ended before I completed it due to the woman moving shop, unfortunately. I have almost a year of watching and learning under my belt. I've been tattooing for 2 months, and have several artists that I converse with on a regular basis for advice here in Paris. I am currently searching for a proper apprenticeship in a shop, and in the meantime continue to tattoo. I am going to Berlin and visiting one of my favorite artists there, and the going to the Paris and London tattoo conventions. I hope to maybe get something out of having an extra way to get information, as I want to have the most well rounded education possible. As for training I have taken a blood borne pathogens class and went to art Uni for Illustration.