Council requirments for studio.


14 May 2020
Birmingham England
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Hi everyone,

I need to pick peoples brains, mainly uk centric,

Without going into details, I spent 14 months in hospital recently and have to change career. After a bout of depression on the back of major surgery and the knowledge my life will now be a lot shorter than I had hoped I have had to rethink work life and family and friends.

I always had an interest in art but have taken it more seriously recently. It got me out of my depression and gave me something to focus on other than a death sentence. Some people would have seen a small section of my work on here. Anyway I also had an interest in tattooing. I tried setting up a shop with a friend about 20/25 yrs ago but as we were both at college and working it slowly went to the wall. Things were so different back Tattooing is now a massive business and highly regulated which isn't a bad thing...

So to my question at
I want to set up an art studio / tattooing unit. 95% for my own entertainment but also for private tattooing work. In the UK we have laws on tattoo parlour set ups. probably the same in most countries. But id like peoples help preempting the inspections and their requirements.
I have looked up and been reading peoples experiences on here on their home set ups and my wife has a degree in property law so I know how to approach property user/use classes . I also know about hand wash sinks and hot water and so on.

I would like to hear all experiences good and bad. Also pictures of peoples set ups would be great. there are lots of loop holes but id like to know what you all did and what problems you ran into.

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate all help.