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19 Feb 2011
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Hi may sound a bit of an idiot but if a machine states to be cut back eg cut back liner. what does that mean? :eek:

Also what is "ridding the needle"? :1

Also someone said that if you use a mag it is better to use a box tip any suggestions?

As you can see a lot to learn lol


The Bitch!
26 Jan 2009
Norwich - UK
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Hello Darren.
A cutback, as far as i am aware is a liner with a shorter "cut back" front spring. Apparently up until recently, artists just had one thickness of springs on their machines, so in order to make it run faster and hit hard, they simply made the spring shorter to get the extra speed. Now it doesnt really make a difference, because you would simply use a thicker guage spring.

Riding the needle means hanging the needle out of the tube, longer than you normally would. Ie, instead of making your needle stick out of the tip exactly the same depth as you need to go, and rest the tube on the skin (making a right old mess) Simply hang the needle out slightly longer(deeper) aroung 4.5mm, but dont touch the tube onto the skin. You need to get used to keeping the needle at the correct depth throughout the tattoo. If you try it, it is amazing, as you get no messy ink splash, and its very easy to see the lines, and hopefully stick to the. You can do the same with a shader, with great results.

Hope this helps.

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