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Cyclone 360 Power pack


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16 Sep 2010
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I purchased a power pack from The Tattoo Shop last week. I then went on to read other forums about what to expect. backwards i know, but i was excited and just bought it. It cost me *£99 by the way.

Some of the reviews i read werent very good, saying that the version 1 and 2 units just stopped working after a while for no apparent reason. I was quite pleased that the one i was getting was a version 3 unit which was updated supposedly.

Anyway, the day after it turned up, so i took it upstairs, unpacked it and gave it a whirl. I was well pissed off when it flashed up as version 2 on the digital screen! I wrote to them and said what i had read about them, and they told me to return it, which i did.
They then send me an email with a link to a website that was listing this product. At the bottom of the page it said THIS IS A VERSION 3, BUT WILL STILL SHOW VERSION 2 ON THE READOUT. What a load of bollox!

They have just refunded me thank god. Seemed a nice bit of kit though. More or less same as Eikon.