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Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner BATMAN!

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Got a mate who wants Batman on his leg and found a pic I thought I could cope with without loads of shading but might look ok as a tattoo.
Really crap bit of piggy with them annoying lines badly raised. Scrubbed it to death but blurred my stencil when flattening it out, Touched it up with marker but wasnt the best. I used a 7rl and a 7mag (first time) took about 2 hours but kinda give up.
I knew when I started it I wouldn't be happy I suppose but i'd took so long drawing it then stencilling it I was reluctant to bint it.

Anyway my mate thinks it's great (low standards some people) and he's coming round tomorrow to get it on his leg. Hopefully i'll post a pic of a much crisper one? Or i'll have a sulky chum!
Thinking of filling it with a very weak grey wash (3 to 10 witch hazel ratio) what do you think?