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29 May 2009
is there any chance we can get extra course files for a small price telling us all about how to use mags becouse without the know how off mags one can never be a good tattooist i think everyone will agree an i would deffenatly pay for this advice.

thank you

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Lucy Locket

22 Mar 2009
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Unfortunately, we didnt write information on mags, as this is a quite an advanced tattoo technique, and not the first thing beginners should do. Stating that you will never become a great tattooist isnt quite correct. You will find out that as with anything else, as you get more confident using rounds, you will just pick up a mag and away you go.

Mags can be quite dangerous if used incorrectly, or before you have mastered rounds 100%.

But, here is a simple piece of information from my personal preference of using mags.

Set your needles to have a softer hit, thus making the needle stroke shorter and the needle speed faster.
Turning the volts up doesnt speed the machine up!

Turn the volts down more than you would with a round needle combination.

Tilt the machine to around 45 degree angle, so the needles enter at around 45 degrees that is.

Use a faster hand speed.

Use mags like a paintbrush for smooth effects, or push forward or in circles for a solid fill, depending on what the tattoos shape allows.

Be very aware where you have already been, and where you need to go, as you can really damage the skin or build up light shades if overworking the area.

Stretch the skin more than you ever have done, as this is very very important. I have done tattoos, where the client has actually bruised due to stretching the skin for heavy use of mags.

Hope this helps a little bit, but as i said, this is an advanced technique.

Look in the videos section for updates:D

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