Formal Training Without an Apprenticeship


1 Feb 2011
Cornwall, UK
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I replied to a previous member introduction with the information I am about to post below.

I have compiled a list of qualifications that are directly invoved with tattooing and running a tattoo studio, but are NOT actually tattoo training.

These qualifications will stand you in good stead with licensing applications to local authorities and while not guaranteed to be successfull with a licensing application, they are foundational structured and accredited courses that show your clients you mean business..

I hope this thread can be made sticky please :icon_lol:

Apprenticeships are not formal, they carry NO academic qualifications, NO accreditation, your tutors have NO formal teacher training and your likely to be being taught by someone who is self taught in the first place unless your extrememly lucky.....

You can take formal qualifications in related subjects which your licensing council will take as formal training when you apply for a license (ps my council is even looking into licensing me to work from HOME, something I have never heard off)

Qualifications that can be taken at college or distance learning online:-
BBP/CC course
Health and Saftey In the Work Place
First Aid at work 5day course
Anatomy & Physiology
Body Piercing Course Accredited by UK

I am sure there are more I can add too and will provide links to any other courses I can think of as and when I come across them. All of the above I have taken and passed sucessfully for less than *£500


27 Dec 2011
St Louis
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great start man. i would like to suggest the site my work uses for first aid and cpr. they also have an OSHA approved BBP course.... simple and easy, all 3 courses for under 100 bucks USD.
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