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Forum Rules

Lucy Locket

22 Mar 2009
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Help Me Tattoo Forum Rules

Anyone who has purchased our premium subscription will be in a usergroup called "Premium".
Regular members who have not upgraded their account will have limited access around the forum, and not be able to join in with discussions in the category named "Premium Only Access" and all of its sub categories.

* Anyone who downloads our tattoo training manual will not post any of the material from the manual anywhere on this forum, or in fact on any forum.

* Be aware that each individual set of course files has a licence number embedded into the pages. This will be very easily traced back to the purchaser should the files be shared around the internet.

* Please try not to swear too much as the forum is open to guests and you never know if a minor is looking in.

* Our tattoo help forum is meant to be a friendly place, where individuals come to get help and advice on the art of tattooing. Unlike other sites, where some members have their head too far up their own arse to give a straight forward answer to beginners. If you still see people trying to learn how to tattoo as just an ill informed scratcher, then you will not be welcomed around this friendly forum.

* Your attitude towards other members will be noticable through your forum posts, and the site owners reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time. We would also like to stress that we do NOT have to answer to ANYONE, regarding our status.

* We dont like to be too strict about the rules, but anyone continuously breaking them will be warned, and then banned, via our red and yellow card feature. (Infractions)

* Just recently, we have had a bunch of spammers hitting our site and trying to post links to their own sites, involving the usual rubbish. (Viagara, search engines, porn etc etc.) we reserve the right to delete all posts and the member involved if we suspect any type of spamming on our forums with rubbish. We have now added a minimum posts count before any links can be placed on the forum. If anyone fills the forum with rubbish to achieve this post count, we will simply remove the posts and ban you from using any link in the future.

* You will not advertise or invite members to join any group or forum relating to the same topics as helpmetattoo.com. In the past, we have had members come on here to simply advertise their own similar website. Well we are watching closely, and all offending members will be warned or even banned without warning if we see it happening.

* If any of the rules above are continually broken, or if any member does their best to try and disrupt the forum, their account will be suspended and/or deleted completely without warning.

Basically that is it ~~~~~~~~ Enjoy yourself!

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