Gangster style names


8 May 2009
manchester salford
Gangster style names NOW WITH TRIBAL ROUND

Just done a tattoo on inside bottom leg,says sara, in Ganster style lettering.Some people said stay away from names,But found it not to bad to outline.And for the first time i used a 7 mag i want to get into mags the black went in brilliant and a lot faster than shaders.Went just under 45% with machine,and noticed it was smoother going in the skin.Very impressed getting some pig tommorow and going to start colouring.The info in the tattoo coarse on how to clean colours great stuff glad i got it.:D:p This is just a update finished tribal of womans head,have now started free hand tribal round it pretty impressed.BLACK COLOURING gone in a bit patchy,however i will go over in a few weeks;Seems i have rushed it a bit to quick putting in black,thus causing patches i hope.Anyway have done others too on other people they all like,this is after 8mths on pig and little bits on top leg,even with shorts on you cant see thang god.Try and get pics on to show.

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