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Getting to know other people in the industry!

1 Aug 2019
Nottingham ,United Kingdom
First Name
Hey everyone, I'm Elisha.

I started my apprenticeship quite a while ago however I got 'kicked out' because they couldn't really afford to teach me anymore- which sucks. I'm ok now and im all sorted in that sense, but I just wanted to meet some new people.
I started a new instagram since the studio move- so I'd love to start following more bad ass *friendly* people on there!

be my friend:

Also, if anyone appreciates sitting down and chilling whilst they're doodling designs, I started uploading time-lapse videos of my design making process- which I weirdly like to have in the background and hang out with myself like a saddo haha.
If you end up looking, id love to hear your feedback!

E x