Glyn Flew Spoil Sport


25 Feb 2011
i watched one of these machines the other day and it went for *£89 so its worth trying if you want one. ive decided to try the hoodlum liner which arrives this week so will let people known what i think


17 Sep 2011
I know this thread is a bit old, but just wanted to say that if you don't want ot lose time in a bidding, just send him a message to his ebay account, asking for custom machines, he will let you pick the coils size, frames, and you can even ask him to put some personalized graph on the coils.
Thats how i did, and in 1 week my machines were ready and shipped, just waiting for them to arrive. :)


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18 Oct 2010
I bought 2 machines from Glyn about 6 weeks ago late July early August and they both arrived within a few days. I paid *£85 each and they are good machines, well made and run smoothly although the liner needs about 10 -12 volts to make it run at it's best. But I would recommend his machines as they are the best I have bought so far and they are nowhere near as expensive as other more well known makes. They are similar quality to most of the top end machines but approx 60% cheaper. Email him and let him know what you want and he will custom build to suit your requirements.


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21 Oct 2010
I have just swapped over to the Cheyenne hawk machine and so I am selling two micky bee machines, I will put them on ebay on Monday for *£75 each but will sell to any body who uses this site for 55 pound each + post, these are the real deal, one for lining and one for colour, i tried to start a new thread to advertise them but i can't seem to upload at the moment.



4 Oct 2011
i had one of his machines ,,was a mini liner never could get on with it thou ,,,to used to using cutback liners ...and toetoe how are you getting on with the cheyenne hawks iv just converted fully to them ,,finding them wicked for laying in solids and shades...


18 Apr 2012
LOL ! it's inflation! Crisis! the prices are high! lolllll
before I know 1 builder and the machine was sold $200... now the builder have 1 little of success and HOP the machine are for *£350 :icon_rolleyes:
by respect I not give the name ! But with Glyn it's always good, because the machine Flew are very very good and Glyn know the song, it's not 1 litlle Builder amator or 1 FAKE.... no comment. With *£95 it's possible order 1 very good machine or for *£125 too, big machine ! Much Builders not do better ! do not know better !
(much names better known than him with machine much dearer do no better than Glyn) many builders exist but not all are very good, WOOOW, not at all ....infortunately. I know well the Flew machine ! For the price = nothing to say :icon_mrgreen:
respect for Glyn :icon_wink:
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12 Apr 2012
Just bought Glyn Flew shader / packer machine, And i email to him can he change it to cutback liner.. Done without no problems.
Bought it from ebay and paid 83 *£..about 100ââ*‚¬Å¡Ã‚*¬..with post's.
post was very quick..glyn post it monday, and i get machine on my hands on wendsday..
And this machine seems to work really good..hits fast and hard,about 5 volts..Grazias Glyn :)
Worth of every penny :icon_mrgreen: