Harder Than I Thought! 1st Self Tattoo with Pic


1 Oct 2011
I am a new member. I have done one tattoo on my husband. This is the first tattoo I have done on myself. I hope I get the hang of this eventually. My biggest challenge so far is trying to see where the ink is sticking and where I have to go over again. Pretty scratchy still. And it hurts a lot more on yourself so going deep enough is difficult. IMG_9894.jpg


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21 Oct 2010
I know what you mean, it does hurt tattooing yourself, i don't know how much truth there is in this but a tattoo artist told me that the left hand side of your body hurts more than the right, so try your right leg, but first I would practise a lot more on practice skin or pig, you shouldn't need to go over a line again not unless you intend to thicken the line up, good luck, stick with it.