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25 Jun 2010
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Hello everyone. Im from the Missouri, US, and im a Biotechnology student. In my spare time I paint bikes, build guns, and work on various other types of projects. My tattoo experience started over 25 yrs ago when i got my first one with homemade equipment from a friend. About 17 years ago I purchased quality equipment as a means to get tatted without paying the high prices for wrk. I practiced on myself for couple months, and moved on to tattoo about 15 friends and family members (all of which turned out great and they were all pleased with the wrk). As I was pretty busy with my full time job at the time, i just kinda gave it up before I could redo the ones that served as my practice pieces. I retained my original equipment, and its all still in like new condition despite its age. Lately Ive have been wanting to complete the reworks on myself and have been researching and getting as much info as I can get, and as most have found, the "pros" are mostly arrogant ppl who dont want to give any advice(all the hobby type skills I know Ive learned pretty much from the net, and have never came across a group of ppl so unwilling to help ppl out). This site was a very great idea. I look forward to getting to know everyone here and can hopefully offer as much as I will get from this site overtime as my skills come back to me.


29 Jun 2010
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Hi there bikepainter

i am also new to the site from uk and been tattooing for about 8 years on my self as an hobby but more recently i am wanting to open a tattoo studio.

This is the first site where tattooist beginners to pro's are helping each other with advice and techniques and they dont turn a blind eye to beginners.